until we

meet again

A clock that can never slow down, but does not reveal its time symbolizes my internal struggle to let go of a painful past. In a time-based piece, I grieve, reflect and honor four important women who have made an impact in my life: my birth Mother, foster mothers, and my adoptive Mom. I was only 21 years old when my Mom passed away. I was at an age where I needed my Mother's guidance more than ever. I was constantly told that time would heal everything and that eventually, I would find happiness again. Six years have gone by and I can still recall that very same pain. Thinking about my Mom fills my heart with so much joy yet also brings me so much heartache and emptiness as we are now apart. After years of carrying this sorrow, I've learned that we don't actually heal over time as our loved ones are irreplaceable. Instead, we grow numb and we have to learn how to survive and persevere through dark times.