V  a  n  d  u  s  s  e  n




about ME

I'm a visual and UX designer based in Buffalo, New York. I have over seven years of experience working as a designer in Western New York and the Netherlands. With a background in fine art and advertising, my strength lies in illustration, typography, websites and app design. My journey began working at an advertising agency as an art director followed by a transition into the world of UX/UI design. Today, I'm a User Experience Designer for M&T Bank and a freelance Senior Designer for Blink Worldwide.


finding myself

The beginning

Only through art, can I feel like myself because I don’t feel the pressure to conform or perform. I can be honest with myself as if I’m writing in a diary. Being artistic has allowed me to discover new paths that have helped define who I am as an artist as well as develop my style. I grew up studying and developing a strong fascination for Romanticism, Baroque and Rococo Art. I never imagined that I would take the path of a designer until I was introduced to Dadaism. Dada expanded my imagination and inspired me to take risks despite criticism or even failure. My exposure to collage techniques and typography led to my exploration and journey into the world of graphic design. With my work bridging between the world of art and design, I have found this new way of thinking and creating has enhanced my writing capabilities, challenged my thought process and has helped me discover my voice as a visual storyteller.